June 16, 2020: Tennessee Skipper Tony Vitello on Garrett Crochet


Full Show Notes

  • MLB Draft: Scouting process for Garrett Crochet, differences in the five-round draft, undrafted free-agents, and the long week of media obligations for Coach Vitello since the draft.

  • Coach Vitello puts any concerns over Garrett Crochet's spring "shoulder soreness", to bed.

  • Coach Vitello discusses the instant draft night comparison of Crochet and Chris Sale and articulates the differences between Chris Sale and Garrett Crochet.

  • Could Garrett Crochet potentially be an option for the White Sox out of the bullpen if/when we see an MLB season in 2020?

  • Breaking down Crochet's mechanics, pitch arsenal, his versatility at Tennessee, and more.