Saturday Stew: Don't act like a bunch of losers

It's sad that we have to discuss this, again. But, here we are.

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Today's installment of the Saturday Stew is going to be short and to the point. I would have liked to write about the White Sox shelling their old pal Dane Dunning last night. I would have enjoyed diving into the growing legend of Yermín Mercedes or the red-hot Luis Robert. Instead, I'll be delivering a message today.

According to first-hand accounts on social media from White Sox fans in attendance on Friday night at Guaranteed Rate Field, a fan — or fans, unclear at this point — had to be ejected from the park after they relentlessly heckled White Sox pitcher Michael Kopech while he warmed in the bullpen late in Chicago’s victory over the Texas Rangers.

I haven't seen definitively what was said to Kopech, but you can almost be sure that it had to do with his mental health and decision to opt out of the 2020 season.

One or more of the "fans" have identified themselves on Twitter in the last 12 hours or so, but I refuse to give those clowns any more attention than they have already received by naming them or their social media accounts in this column. 

I will say this; however, they are not White Sox fans. They may claim to be White Sox fans. They may even sport White Sox apparel, but they are nothing more than ignorant and careless buffoons masquerading as White Sox fans.

No real White Sox fan would verbally berate one of their players in a drunken stooper while he tries to warm up in the bullpen.

Since when is it cool, or funny, to go out of your way -- they spent money to be there -- to make someone feel like shit about themselves or their loved ones? 

There's a lot wrong with society as we know it today. Lord knows it's been a turbulent year for everyone. But come on, what are we doing here?

To incite one of the more mild-mannered players in baseball, to the point in which he needed to be physically restrained by coaches and players, you've crossed the line. 

As I wrote in February, Michael Kopech isn't a sissy. He isn't any less of a man than the next, for simply doing what was best for him and his family during some unprecedented times, or any time for that matter.  

Kopech has long been a point of public scrutiny at this point. A heralded prospect that has failed — to this point — to meet the lofty expectations set for him in not one but two organizations. Immaturity, injury, inconsistency, and finding himself off the field have all been contributing factors. Say what you want about it; Kopech doesn't care. He's achieved something that's eluded most of us, a sense of understanding and peace in his growth process and the constant balancing act of our mental and physical well-being.

It's frustrating and disheartening that we have to talk about this again today, but here we are. It's disgusting that Michael Kopech -- or anyone -- has to worry about this type of verbal abuse and intolerance at his place of employment. 

In a seemingly growing era of intolerance, we need to take a hard look in the mirror before we open our mouths and speak ill of someone else. We need to be better. 

I would say that White Sox fans need to be better, but as I said earlier, these were no White Sox fans. These were ignorant, selfish clowns attacking someone else below the belt for their entertainment or gain. 

Let's hope that we don't have to have this conversation again. 

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